The First Canadian Online Pharmacy - STILL WITH THE WORLD'S BEST DRUG PRICES
The First Canadian Online Pharmacy - STILL WITH THE WORLD'S BEST DRUG PRICES

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The Canadian Drugstore – The First. The Best. The Most Reliable.

In the year 2000, The Canadian Drugstore saw a clear need for crossing the border between Canadian pharmacies and American patients. Still today, there is no shortage of reasons why Americans are turning to Canadian mail-order pharmacies.

The Canadian Drugstore has built a solid reputation as a reliable, attentive, innovative online pharmacy. And just as you choose your healthcare provider through reputation and experience, so should you choose The Canadian Drugstore as your preferred online pharmacy.

We pride ourselves on building a solid reputation based around the notion that high standards equal high quality.

Affordability.There are several reasons why the cost of prescription drugs is significantly higher in the United States than in Canada. In fact, the US is the most costly place in the world to purchase prescription drugs. Part of the reason for this is that the USA invents the majority of new pharmaceuticals, and another part is that the cost of marketing these new drugs is enormous.

In addition, many folks are unable to afford insurance that covers many of the medications needed to avoid hospitalization or surgery. These issues are on the forefront of American politics and while the government continues to debate over resolving these matters, many Americans are left to choose between medications and the rest of life’s necessities. Purchasing drugs through a Canadian mail-order pharmacy can help alleviate the difficulties of making these choices. The Canadian Drugstore goes to the ends of the earth—literally—to provide our customers with the best drugs at the lowest prices.

Quality. With pharmacies across the globe, medicines produced in FDA (Federal Drug Administration) and WHO (World Health Organization) approved facilities can be distributed to you more affordably. Plus, any medication that comes to your doorstep arrives in its original packaging, so you can be assured that your safety is The Canadian Drugstore’s top priority.

This holds true for every facet of your online pharmacy experience—from the product to the service. Say your cholesterol has just recently become an issue, and your doctor has newly prescribed you a medication like Crestor or Lipitor… that can be intimidating when filling your prescription online. But at The Canadian Drugstore, you can be confident that only licensed pharmacists are filling your prescriptions, and customer service is there to answer any questions you may have about your new medication.

Convenience. An additional appealing feature of an internet pharmacy is the convenience factor. Many people choose to use an online pharmacy because they suffer from mobility issues. Some folks are older and are unable to get around as easily as they once were; others do not have a car or can’t drive and need to rely on someone else to help them pick up a prescription. And for those people who are suffering or feeling very ill, online pharmacies help them recover in the comfort of their own home.

Customization. Online pharmacies are able to store a wealth of information for a customized experience. The Canadian Drugstore sees its online presence as a benefit to customers, embracing the ease and convenience that technology can provide you. Customized profiles enable online pharmacists to check your dosage, any changes in your prescription, and any allergies that may be of concern. Of course, your privacy—along with safety and reliability—is our top concern.

Reliability. When you are relying on a medication like Plavix to help decrease your chance of a heart attack or a stroke, you want to be sure that your health is in qualified, experienced, and sure hands. As the industry-leading online pharmacy, The Canadian Drugstore prides itself on a philosophy based around the notion that high standards equal high quality.

The Canadian Drugstore recognizes that reliability has a major impact on our customer’s decision to use an online pharmacy, and we pride ourselves in offering speedy delivery. Say you suffer from asthma, a medication like Symbicort is not only there to help appease an attack, but it can help provide peace of mind. The Canadian Drugstore understands how important it is to receive your new prescription or a refill as quickly as possible with 98% of the medications sent from us arrive within two-weeks.

Focus. Another way that The Canadian Drugstore raises the bar in online pharmaceuticals is by choosing quality over quantity. Many online drugstores offer non-prescription medications, vitamins, and over-the-counter drugs, and buying them either online or from Canada does not necessarily mean they are less expensive. The Canadian Drugstore focuses on medications that actually save you money, and we offer the most common prescription drugs, from Actos to Viagra. Plus, our licensed online pharmacists and customer service representatives are fully knowledgeable about every medication.

The Canadian Drugstore does more than fill your prescription; it’s filling the need for affordable, reliable, and timely medication…delivered right to your doorstep.

  • 19 Years Experience delivering quality drug products
  • Over 1,000,000 prescriptions filled
  • Thousands of satisfied customers
  • Drugs are delivered in the manufacturers original sealed packaging
  • Confidential & discreet
  • 100% secure & safe
  • Our satisfaction guarantee
  • Free shipping on orders over $50

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