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The First Canadian Online Pharmacy - STILL WITH THE WORLD'S BEST DRUG PRICES

Prescription Drug Search - Ulcerative Colitis

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 U.S. Brand NamestrengthGeneric NameQtyU.S. Price Per PillOur Price Per Pill
Brand Product Available Generic Product Available Asacol 400mg - Mesalamine
400mgAsacol MR84$2.11$0.69
Brand Product Available Asacol 800mg - Mesalamine
Brand Product Available Dipentum 250mg - Olsalazine
Brand Product Available Lialda 1.2gr - Mesalamine
1.2grMesalamine 1.2 grams50$4.60$1.60
Brand Product Available Lialda 1200mg - Mesalamine
1200mgMEZAVANT XL60$5.00$2.89
Brand Product Available Pentasa 500mg - Mesalamine
500mgPENTASA SR100$2.64$0.79

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